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Scrimieri, F et al.38226493 Show samples for pubmed id 38226493Transcriptionally-active "defective" HIV-1 proviruses and their association with immunological non-response to antiretroviral therapyJID2024 
Singh, K et al.37555786 Show samples for pubmed id 37555786Long-term persistence of transcriptionally active defective HIV-1 proviruses: implications for persistent immune activation during antiretroviral therapyAIDS2023PSD only contains proviral DNA, not RNA from this paper
White, JA et al.36602866 Show samples for pubmed id 36602866Clonally expanded HIV-1 proviruses with 5prime-leader defects can give rise to nonsuppressible residual viremiaJCI2023 
Antar, A et al.32191639 Show samples for pubmed id 32191639Longitudinal Study Reveals HIV-1-infected CD4+ T Cell Dynamics During Long-Term Antiretroviral TherapyJCI2020 
Halva, EK et al.33016926 Show samples for pubmed id 33016926 HIV-1 viremia not suppressible by antiretroviral therapy can originate from large T cell clones producing infectious virusJCI2020 
Horsburgh, BA et al.31913161 Show samples for pubmed id 31913161High levels of genetically-intact HIV in HLA-DR+ memory T-cells indicates their value for reservoir studiesAIDS2020 
Katusiime, MG et al.31776265 Show samples for pubmed id 31776265Intact HIV Proviruses Persist in Children Seven to Nine Years After Initiation of Antiretroviral Therapy in the First Year of LifeJ Virol2020 
Gaebler, C et al.31350309 Show samples for pubmed id 31350309Combination of quadruplex qPCR and next-generation sequencing for qualitative and quantitative analysis of the HIV-1 latent reservoirJEM2019 
Patro, S et al.31776247 Show samples for pubmed id 31776247Combined Near Full-Length HIV-1 Sequencing and Integration Site Analysis Informs Intra-Patient Viral Dynamics and Reconstruction of Replication-Com petent Viral AncestorsPNAS2019 
Lu, CL et al.30420517 Show samples for pubmed id 30420517Relationship between intact HIV-1 proviruses in circulating CD4+ T cells and rebound viruses emerging during treatment interruptionPNAS2018 
Bruner, KM et al.27500724 Show samples for pubmed id 27500724Defective proviruses rapidly accumulate during acute HIV-1 infectionNat_Med2017 
Hiener, B et al.29045846 Show samples for pubmed id 29045846Identification of Genetically Intact HIV-1 Proviruses in Specific CD4+ T Cells from Effectively Treated ParticipantsCell Reports2017patient characteristics are from Horsburgh, et. al. 2020, AIDS (pubmed 31913161), same patients
Ho, YC et al.24243014 Show samples for pubmed id 24243014Replication-competent noninduced proviruses in the latent reservoir increase barrier to HIV-1 cure.Cell2013 
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